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our story

Good food is our life...

Our vision at Classic Provisions is to create a unique experience for consumers to have access to quality food & products while having a resource to treat that food right! We anticipate our offerings to be ever growing & changing through the seasons and as we discover new favorites. 

A family affair...

Meeting over an obnoxious outburst in Culinary school (courtesy of Jo), Payson was smart enough to ask her on a date. 20 years, 9 moves, 12 kitchens & 2 babies later they are fulfilling their dream of opening their first foodie business. 

Payson has been perfecting his pan flip (and a few more culinary tricks) in professional kitchens since 2000. You may recognize him as he has made his presence in Rangeley well and justly known as the talented chef at Forks In the Air Mountain Bistro and now as the Executive Chef at Loon Lodge. Payson loves spending time outdoors, enjoying good beer, watching football and playing guitar. His favorite food is pizza.

Joanna's love of food came from growing up on a small Western Maine farm where she learned the value and importance of treating and preparing food well. Her professional career has allowed her to refine her rustic style of cooking and share that refinement to the enthusiasm of guests. She enjoys crafting, imagining and doing. She has been noted as "culinary wunderkind" by the Boston Globe. Her favorite food is cheese.


A little about the littles…

Max & Penelope will eagerly greet you in our shop. They have been working just as hard as anyone to make dreams happen and are great quality control experts! Without them life would not be nearly as wonderful as it is.

Max enjoys all things that go, firemen, tinkering and being outside.

His favorite food is pasta.

Pippa enjoys talking, opening doors, babies and climbing.

Her favorite food is everything!

Chef Jo
Payson & Max
Max at work!
Pippa & Mama
Chef Payson
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